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—  Katie Gibbs, Invermere BC

    Tanelle Bolt's RAD Recreation Adapted Society has given people with diverse abilities a chance to try things that they may have not thought possible before.

 I have Cerebral Palsy, and struggle with mobility, and I have used both the Mountain Trike and Paraglolfer. The trike gave me a whole new experience of rough riding it on different terrain and forced me to use my left hand, or, as I like to call it, my boy hand, that usually does not cooperate. I do not get the chance to go biking very often, and it felt very neat to have the experience. I have also tried the Paragolfer, which made hitting a few golf balls a bit easier, and therefore, more fun and independent for me, and safer for the person helping me, meaning they could not get hit in the head by my swing. 

 I am excited that there will be more opportunities for people in the valley [and across BC] and for tourists that come visit with diverse abilities that are now able to participate in more recreational activities.

 Tanelle is a go getter and a champion for inclusion in sport! I 100% support her cause [RAD], and hope to get to try more adaptive equipment that RAD acquires!

 Way to go Tanelle!

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