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My 3 Year Anniversary Update

Three years ago I broke my back. Right now this is my life.

I have slowly been building the foundation of my not-for-profit as I wait for the coveted charity status. Over the next ten years I hope to see the RAD Recreation Adapted Society grow into a commonplace outlet for people throughout the Pacific Northwest.

I have been crushing the slopes on the sit ski in pursuit of a podium finish for Canada. Nineteen months ago I picked up a new sport; with the help of my coach and the dozens of other people (financially and mentally) will taste Team Canada this coming season.

To occupy myself in the ‘no-snow’ season I was blessed to find the wave ski. This adaptive surf board, a cross between an ocean kayak and a surf board, is the perfect cross training sport to the sit ski. Also a growing sport internationally! The warmth of ohana has taken a piece of my soul.

I work casually at the gym. Unfortunately with the travel between the Kootenays and Vancouver Island for golf tournament planning I was not pulling my weight as a good employee and dropped my scheduled shifts to stop putting my coworkers out. On top of that I am guilty of avoiding working out indoors, in the air conditioning, when it is so incredibly nice outside!

If you asked me three years ago while I was lying in the hospital, high on pain killers but still in pain, if I thought I would be back on my feet by now I would have told you yes. What if I did more therapy, what if I could afford the best, what if the system didn’t try to keep people in the system… These are the questions, and hundreds more like them, that I try to avoid losing sleep to but are all consuming as I sit here and think about it.

I am paralyzed, I am smiling, I am healthy, I am determined. I am OK.

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