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A new journey with a bit of help!

For the new readers!!

My name is Aahaan Mazumdar and i am a student of the Masters program of Sustainable Leisure Management at Vancouver island university. I am the newest addition to the RAD family ( i am the intern) !! Often people ask me as to what do you study in relation to sustainability?? "Is it about Eco-tourism or sustainable tourism"... Uptill now I have only thought about "sustainability" from the perspective of the environment, however I have come to realize and understand that sustainability is a much larger concept which includes different communities, business ideas etc. So this is the start of my journey to understand how a community can develop and benefit from the concept of "Sustainability"!!!

First, let me start with saying that my beginning at RAD society was absolutely incredible!!!!! I would like to share my experience at the BCRPA (BC Recreation & Parks Association) conference held at the Hotel Fairmont Château Whistler from the 1st- 3rd of May 3, 2019. This conference was a gold mine for me as it offered a varied lens into the diverse stakeholders the recreational world.

Followed by the conference I had the opportunity to attend the GF Strong's Recreation Resource Fair which is held annually at the GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre located in Vancouver. This center for rehabilitation was home to Tanelle herself during her recovery process after her recreational accident. It was extremely motivating to see how people from different genres of life came together as a community to support accessible recreation. This fair catered to not just people with mobility limitations but also to that of fully-abled individuals. However, the most inspiring aspect was the NO QUIT attitude of the people who suffered from these limitations and their families unconditional love and support towards them. They were exactly as we say “LARGER THAN LIFE” and some of the pictures below show how nothing can stop them from living life on their own terms!!

I thank Tanelle and the RAD society to welcome me with open arms and look forward to an enriching experience !!

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